Thursday, January 6

Sniper - a story old as time

(See Harold Marshall - Canadian Sniper post)

German sniper

Russian sniper, Battle of Stalingrad, October 1942

The legend of the turkish female sniper at Gallipoli,
between 25 April 1915 and 9 January 1916

Pvt. Leo R. Hahn, sniper, Intelligence Section,
127th Inf., 32nd Division, in trench at Benholz, Alsace, 1 July 1918

Queen's University WWI Collection 3692, Box 4, File 37

Canadian Sniper

WWI sniper

Waffen SS Sniper in Cammo 1941

Vassili Grigorievich Zaitsev

Vassili Zaitsev leads 2 sniper students - winter of 1942 Stalingrad

The Soviet sniper Maxim Passar. 1942


  1. The first pic is a canadian sniper ser
    gant from the calgary highlanders. . . If memory serves me right. He did some training in india. If u look closly he has a kurki knife . From the assam rifles?